The Mission

The Brightside Foundation is an events based non-profit organization focused on garnishing awareness towards mental health issues and suicide prevention by assisting programs and organizations that are supporting those in need.


Founded in May 2017, The Brightside Foundation began through the founding team personal relationship with music events and positive mental health through a local event in Columbus, Ohio called Sad Boyz. After seeing the impact of the event to attendees and supporters, and what the event meant to them personally on a mental health capacity, the thesis of the organization was birthed. The goal of The Brightside Foundation is to foster environments that are a safe haven for those struggling with mental health issues and to create awareness towards the issues that face our community.


These issues have always been close to the founding members Chase Clymer, Varun Ramanujam, and Nick Reed and others, especially those who have attended events coordinated by the founding member team. We watched the impact of growing a strong community charged with helping one another through these dark times and directed the motive of The Brightside Foundation.


Mental health issues and suicide rates have continued to climb, affecting individuals and communities on a daily basis. This issue continues to need attention by fostering outlets, support, community events, and advocacy from leaders. The Brightside Foundation is charging themselves to be a catalyst for increased awareness, change, and overall support for those afflicted with these issues.


Nonprofit organization benefiting mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

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